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The requirements in international goods traffic and customs regulations are very complex. In addition, the demand for electronic data exchange is increasing. As an independent, registered «Customs Broker», we have many years of expertise in customs matters and an online connection to the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. This, and our «e-dec» customs clearance system, enables us to process your import shipments electronically, quickly and easily.

Our highly qualified customs declarants will help you to complete all the formalities - from transit traffic and advance notification to the authorities in the importing countries to obtaining licences and permits. Thanks to our worldwide partners, we can also provide you with full support for customs clearance in the destination country.

Another plus: We are the leading customs agent at Zurich Airport. Within the airport fence we have our own customs domicile, which guarantees express clearance for our airline and general aviation customers.


  • Import and export customs clearance 
  • EU customs clearance
  • Approved consignee/shipper
  • Fiscal representation
  • Neutral customs agency
  • Border clearances
  • Electronic customs clearance systems
  • Special customs clearance for flowers and plants

Are you looking for the optimal solution for customs clearance? We have them! Contact us for a non-binding consultation. You can find our contact persons here.

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